Velomobile Media offers appealing space for rolling advertisements. Our velomobiles are an eye catching space for promoting your products or services. Our velomobiles are probably the best way of doing field advertising, with a high eco profile. Lease a velomobile for your use, or rent advertising space. Velomobile Media have tailor made solutions for your organisation or business. Be visible in a sporty, eco friendly and funny way, you will get maximum attention.

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Velomobile Media Velomobile Sales

Velomobile Media is selling WAW velomobiles in USA and Norway.

WAW 211 with racing hood and aerodynamic tail. More pics here

The WAW velomobile is produced by Katanga in Brno, Czech Republic. The WAW is a fast, weather proof and practical velomobile. Angled front wheels and low point of gravity makes it very quick to manouver and gives good handling in bends. The construction is self bearing (monocoque) and very solid.

WAW comes in many configurations on customers demand. The standard types are: WAWXL for riders up to 190cm, 3 fairing materials: Glass fiber, Kevlar, carbon fiber, E-WAW with electric assist, which makes the commuting very simple in hills.

Download specs on WAW and EWAW here
Want to test ride a WAW? Contact us to find a WAW close to you.

If you want to buy a WAW velomobile, please contact us, and we will help you to configure your velomobile.

We can also help with ideas to strategies and contracts toward sponsors to get your velomobile financed, and it can even become a source for income. Download sponsor case here