Velomobile Media are currently looking for partners in sales and renting out velomobiles in Portland, Oregon and Los Angeles, California.

Interrested in co-operation with Velomobile Media, please contact us

Velomobile Media offers appealing space for rolling advertisements. Our velomobiles are an eye catching space for promoting your products or services. Our velomobiles are probably the best way of doing field advertising, with a high eco profile. Lease a velomobile for your use, or rent advertising space. Velomobile Media have tailor made solutions for your organisation or business. Be visible in a sporty, eco friendly and funny way, you will get maximum attention.

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Velomobile Media Test riding

Test riding a WAW velomobile

Velomobile test

It's allways good to test ride a velomobile before you decide to buy one. Some few just buy because they allready have fallen in love with the WAW. Our experiences are that 50% of the persons test riding a WAW are likely to buy one. You will find the WAW so nice in speed and handling. A low point of gravity, light materials, good aerodynamics and sexy design makes you feel comfortable and happy riding the velomobile. For a start it seems like you are sitting a bit low, and the velomobile body can feel a bit narrow, especially with the visor on. After 30 minutes you feel comfortable in the traffic.

Velomobile Media can provide future WAW riders with test velomobiles throughout US. We are constantly developing connections with WAW owners that are willing to let you borrow their velomobile for a test ride.

Are you interested in test riding with WAW velomobiles in your area, please contact us